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Question: Kay Winter ( age 32 ) - I have been colouring my hair since I was 16 and I am rather worried about the condition of it. I really still want to colour my hair. Can you advise me on what to do.

Answer: Kay you are not alone. Thankfully us Colour Technicians now have a tool at our disposal to help clients like yourself and that tool is Olaplex. Olaplex is added to the colour that we apply to your hair and we then add a bond at the end of the colour service. I won’t bore you too much with the science but it works by rebuilding the bonds leaving your hair feeling like new. I have had clients in tears with the results. So yes you can keep colouring your hair and also have healthy hair.

Question: Kimberley Smith - Can you explain to me the difference between a Baylage and Ombre colour service?

Answer: An Ombre is generally when the colour is darker at the root area, and lighter on the ends, and a Baylage is when you keep your natural base colour and add a sweeping effect of sun kissed blonde pieces to create a very natural look.

Question: Anne Swayling ( Age 64 ) How do I know that I am choosing the right new Hair Style and that it will suit me ?

Answer: Your new style garbo's pride themselves on consultations. The Stylist will take into consideration your face shape, eye colour etc and ask you about your life style. It also helps the stylist if you bring in some photos of styles that you like. I would say be daring and have a little faith in the stylist and go for something new. Remember your hair can be whatever you want with the right Hairdresser.

Question: Kate Jones ( Age 53 ) If I change my Hair Style will I have to learn new skills and change my habits ?

Answer: The answer is "Yes" but thats our job to help teach you how to maintain and style your hair at home. With the right tools and products we will make it as easy as possible to recreate the look yourself.

Question: Sarah ( Age 28 ) Will bleaching damage my hair ?

Answer: Before we bleach the hair a consultation will be carried out and we will possibly take a test strand of your hair to see what result we will achieve. We also use a product called "Olaplex" which we add to the bleach which keeps the hair in optimum condition.

Question: Tina (Age 35 ) If I dye my hair red will it fade ?

Answer: This is a tricky one. All colours fade and it's true that the more vibrant the tone the more likely you are to see fading. To stop the fading you can use certain shampoos and conditioners and also washing it less will help too.