Hair Colour and the wonders of Olaplex, Our Hair Hero

Blonde Roast, Chilli Chocolate and Periwinkle? Are we really talking hair colour here? Celeb stylists and Instagram influencers are always inspiring the latest hair color trends. This year the looks are bolder than ever. Here at Garbo’s, we are always on top of the trends and if you’re ready for a colour change your in safe hands.
Here are our favourite colour trends set for 2019.

“Living Coral” This peachy, metallic hair colour is bold and bright. Highlights woven between brights.

blonde - roast - garbos - hair

Are you a brunette hoping to add a splash of blonde to your locks? This gorgeous blonde roast is a new trend seamlessly combining shades of darker brown with shades of lighter blonde for the ideal hue. Will you be trying it this season?

chilli - chocolate - garbos

An indulgent and rich hue, we are loving “chilli chocolate”! A colour for those that love the auburn and reds but aren’t quite ready to go the full way. Deep chocolate brown, sun kissed.

A trend that you are bound to see on blondes, brunettes and redheads is the creation of a shadow root. Choosing a deeper tone to dye your roots, your stylist then adds warm highlights to blend down the lengths. We think this is warm and wonderful.

2018 saw the cool platinum blonde shades, and as more celebs opt for blonde we are due to see a colour change to warm tones for 2019. This “honey hue” is multi-dimensional with a buttery finish.

Olaplex, Our Hair Hero!

At Garbo’s we love to use the Olaplex system when colouring hair. This reduces damage and ensures the colour lasts longer. Olpalex works from inside the hair strands to strengthen and repair damaged locks where the structure has broken down. Hair bonds break when hair is coloured and subject to regular heat, chemical treatments and up against the elements. It allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of hair and it is compatible with all hair types. We also offer an Olaplex treatment to help leave you with healthy, shiny and happy hair!

Behind the Chair…. Getting to know the team

As we welcome all our fantastic artistic team into the Flagship Southsea salon, we thought you might like to know a bit more about them and what inspires them. Last month we interviewed the lovely Tara .Today we chat to Andrew and find out what inspires his creations.

Andrew Robertson a senior stylist at Garbos Hair

“My curiosity feeds my inspiration, shapes and fashion will always fuel this. “

My hairdressing journey started in 2006, when I wanted a career change from being a chef. I always admired my stylist where I got my haircut , and have always loved fashion and design. He kinda challenged me to give it a go, and 13 years later, a few awards and a portfolio I am fiercely proud of , i’m still here . Always learning and trying to do better. And now I am a focusing on passing my knowledge to others , but still striving to be my best.

The hairdressing industry has changed massively. Instagram, facebook and Pinterest have exploded our craft to the masses , but has left us with very unrealistic, unachievable outcomes. Our craft can be demonstrated on-line or in picture format , but not necessary showing you the path, which is never as easy as they make it look. We will always be a core hairdressers of people that cover the bases correctly , and when needed , push the boundaries, but we will always tell you these boundaries of what is achievable and will never over promise. We believe in getting the basics right , and the rest will follow. The industry is thriving , but is hairdressing becoming more about social media? Have we lost our craft , lost in translation. All I know is , I will do my best and always try my hardest, the industry is about us stylists, but the hairdressing is about YOU.

What makes Garbo’s unique is quite simple. The Staff. We care, we care about you as a client, not always focusing on the on point trends or instagram pictures. We care about the health of your hair, your well being and how we can make you feel and leave different to when you came in. It’s not about trends or forward thinking fashion all the time, it’s about tailoring our skills to your needs, be it a good ear to listen to or a bit of advice on this funny planet we call earth. Don’t forget we have many titles and awards to back up our skills, but we don’t focus on those , we focus on you and your needs.