Christmas Party Hairstyles

Christmas is the time to pull out all the stops. With parties around every corner, trying to find a hairstyle to match your overall look can feel like an impossible task. Take the hassle out and let us style your tresses before your big night.

We’ve put together a collection of some of our all-time favourite party hairstyles to get you through the festive season in style. Medium, short, shoulder length or long, whatever your hair length, we’ve got you sorted. 

The classic half up half down is a go-to hairdo, versatile enough to work with the vast majority of hair lengths while also vamping up any party look.

A double Dutch braid is a grade up from the infamous French braid. This Christmas party hairstyle is a real winner as it can be easily adjusted for every hair length – long hair works really well with this look, but it can also be achieved with short and medium hair. 

For shoulder or medium length hair, swap the large bun for two smaller buns, while for shorter hair simply adjust the style to finish with two pigtails at the base of your head. 

Try out different styles like twisting or braiding the accent hair strand to achieve different looks. You can choose to loosely curl the rest of your hair (as pictured) or try something more suited to you – like keeping it straight or opting for voluminous tight curls. Add a pretty hairband for some festive glamour.

This is a fantastic hairstyle for medium and long hair, adding a little more detail to your updo. A criss cross ponytail will look simple and stylish. You can jazz up this fancy ponytail even more by curling the ends of your ponytail or backcombing the hair to make it more dramatic.

Make sure that you spray your hair with hairspray before making the criss-cross section of this look. Hairspray gives your hair more texture and helps it keep its hold, which is vital when you are constructing different looks. By using hairspray before you make the criss-cross ponytail, the chance of the ponytail unravelling over time is reduced. Get on that dance floor!