Going Red @ Garbo’s Autumn 2021

Red hair colour has never been hotter. Call it the Queen’s Gambit effect or point to any number of celebrities who recently took the copper plunge GiGI and Bella Hadid, Zoey Deutch—the fact of the matter is that there are more gorgeous takes on the shade than ever before. And they’ve got the names to prove it—mulled wine, peach cobbler , sangria spice…the list goes on.

The Garbos Team have some amazing ideas to achieve the best red hair colour for 2021, no matter your skin tone. Some general advice: Softer peach and cinnamon look great on pale skin, deep violets and cranberries complement deep skin, and Zendaya-esque rubies and coppers look incredible on everyone. Let’s get ready to book an appointment.

Ginger Orange

If The Queen’s Gambit had you considering going red, you’re not alone. The show was the inspiration behind Gigi Hadids new ginger hair which she debuted at the Versace fall 2021 show this month.

Front Streaks

Bella Hadid recently went a different red route from her sister, which you could either deem subtle or bold, depending on your personal preference. Instead of a whole head of red, just her face-framing pieces are tinted auburn for a cool touch.

Genetic Ginger 

If you’re not a natural redhead, you can fake it with a shade hairstylist that Tara Bone calls “genetic ginger.” The key to getting a natural look is layering different red tones. “The layering technique features a primary tone surrounded by two other colours that are cohesive, yet have a bit of a motley mixture of colour,” he says. “The combination creates a perfect balance of depth and brightness with eye-catching vibrancy that can grow out naturally. It gives a very real red—almost as if you were born with it.”

“This is one of the more pale sides of the copper family and has a soft, delicate feminine tone,” says Wella Master Colour Expert Natalie Burley. She adds that because it’s a bit on the pink side, it’s a great way to ease into red, or a fun way to fade out of a deeper red

Neutral Copper

“This colour is a mixture of copper and neutral tones,” says Wade Bennet. “So you don’t have that orange feel when you step out in the sun—just a rich, silky warm colour.” To get this colour, she recommends you ask your colourist for a copper base, with a mixture of very subtle neutral highlights and lowlights.

Deep Ruby

Wade predicts that Zendaya’s toned-down red will be everywhere in 2021. She says the key to getting it right is the lived-in feel. “It’s darker at the root with brunette undertones,” she says, “so it doesn’t come across as a fashion colour, meaning it’s wearable for every day.”