7 Spring 2023 Haircut trends that are truly dreamy

From the curve cut to noughties bangs.

You know the drill. New season, new haircut.  So, we’ve lined up the spring 2023 haircut trends to keep on your watchlist, whether you want something dramatic, or a cute little update.

The vibe? Shorter is better. No matter what you go for whether its the latest trending rendition of the bob (the box bob) or skimming long lengths to dreamy layers there’s something about a fresh chop that screams spring. 

As for shapes, the curve cut is only getting more and more popular. 

Here are the spring 2023 haircut trends to know…

Cub cut

A cub cut is basically a bob-length rendition of the wolf cut that dominated hair trends last year. It blends the choppy texture of the shag and the disconnectedness of the mullet, with the length of the bob. And, like its name suggests, it’s a little wild. We’d recommend leaning in to the mussy texture for extra attitude.

Box bob

The bob is classic for a reason, and this spring the “box bob” will be headlining. Like its name suggests, the box bob features a sharper, squared-off shape with blunt ends, clean lines and no layers. To get the full effect, it’s best cut in around the jaw, or above the shoulders and as a bonus it can create the illusion of extra thickness.  And depending on how you style it, it can look sleek styled straight or sexy mussed up with some loose waves.

Curly bob

Another beautiful bob we’ll see trending? The curly bob. Moving into spring we’re going to see a lot more curly cuts that sit above the shoulders. It’s all about that curly textured bob. You’ll see it in varied lengths; on the shoulders, in the crease of the neck as-well as on the jawline. It’s all about getting more angles and structure into those curls.

Lots of layers

Layers aren’t exactly new, but they remain a core trend in their own right because of their unrivalled ability to add shape, volume and structure. The key is to work with your texture to unleash it in the most beautiful way. Garbo’s recommend precision cuts for those who wear their hair both curly and straight as this means whether you wear it curly or smoothed out straight, the shape will be balanced and even. This will never go out of style as it’s very low maintenance but looks super chic and unique on each person and it still feels modern enough for the present day and beyond.  A lot of people think that if you’re growing your hair or maintaining the length of it, that you shouldn’t get it cut as often, but this isn’t true. In fact, you should have your hair trimmed at least an inch every few weeks to get rid of dead ends that might be stunting your hair growth and instead making hair look unhealthy. As for styling people are choosing to be more natural with their hair and opting for easy air-dried styles.

Curve cut

The ‘C shape’ or ‘curve cut’ haircut is going to continue to be huge. It’s another one that gives the game away with its name: in a nutshell, expect lots of curved layers. It features a “softer ‘U’ shape through the length and layers and face framing pieces. It’s like the revival of The Rachel, but it’s much more soft. However, to get the most out of the cut, it does rely on styling to really emphasise the shape. Round brushes and hot brushes can help encourage the curve and give a ’90s blown-out polish to the look.

Pixie crops

Wanting something more major in terms of a trim? People are getting a lot more creative with their hair and textured pixie cuts are therefore really making a return. The pixie crop is getting a lot more diverse. We’re  seeing a lot more length at the back to make it softer. Or more length round the front and sides. It’s a little less jagged and instead it feels a bit shaggier and more lived in, but still very chic.

Noughties bangs

Remember noughties bangs? They’re back. Instead of a wide, curved, ‘70s shape, they’re slick, mainly served  straight. As for its anatomy, the graduated shape tapers from the cheekbone, down to the jawline, creating a more angular, triangular frame from the centre parting to either side of the jaw. And while they don’t cup or curve cheekbones like curtain bangs, they do offer structure.