Easy Tips for Spring Hair Care

Spring is here, and as temperatures warm up, it’s time for a change – to shop for that new wardrobe and visit the salon for that new hair style or colour (or both!). Your hair’s needs are also changing, so it’s time to switch up your winter routine and get your hair in its best condition for spring and the hot summer months ahead. We’ve put together a few tips to make it easy to keep your hair looking great this season.

Tame the frizz. As the weather warms up, humidity becomes a problem that can leave your hair frizzy and unmanageable. When styling, use a gel or mousse that contains polymers and copolymers. These ingredients bind and seal up your hair strands to cut down on the frizz.

Avoid daily shampooing. Shampooing too often strips your hair of natural oils and leaves it dry and frizzy, or, if you have oily hair, can make your hair release even more oil as it tries to correct the over-stripping. Most stylists recommend washing only two or three times per week. Between washes, you can keep things fresh with a dry shampoo or by co-washing, which means washing your hair using only conditioner, not shampoo.

Get a fresh trim. Split ends make your hair look dry and frizzy and, when not trimmed, can create more damage. Visit your salon for an early springtime trim to get rid of the split ends and start off fresh.

Focus on intense conditioning. As the hot weather approaches, switch out your everyday conditioner for an extra-moisture conditioner. Conditioner helps seal in the cuticle, the outer layer of your hair that protects the inner core. Because your cuticle is made of a layer of cells, it can split apart, tangling with other hairs and leaving your hair susceptible to damage. Ask your stylist to recommend conditioning products (as well as conditioning frequency) that will help your hair look its best. Your stylist may also recommend regular deep conditioning treatments at the salon to get your hair in its best condition.

Protect against chlorine. Once it gets warm enough to hit the pool, be sure to protect your hair from damaging chlorine. Before diving in, coat your hair with conditioner to keep that chlorine from soaking in. Wash or rinse right after swimming to clean away chlorine residue.

After a cold winter, spring is a welcome change, and we all look forward to the warm months ahead. Keep your hair looking great all season long with these simple tips, and you’ll look fabulous indoors and out. When you’re ready for your springtime trim, make an appointment today at Garbo’s.  Our professional stylists will trim away those split ends and give you a fresh, new style for spring!

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Enjoy the Spring !!!