Fall in love with your Curls

Why is it that we always want what we haven’t got?

As Hairdressers we see this everyday. If you’ve got dark hair you want blonde hair.  If you’ve got curly hair you want straight hair.

Garbo’s would like you to stop fighting and embrace you curls.  Here are a few tips to help you get there.

Avoid over-shampooing

Shampooing every day isn’t a good idea for people with curly hair. Shampooing can strip the hair of its much-needed natural oils.

You may need to experiment with a cleansing schedule to see what works best for you. In general, try shampooing every other day or ideally every 3 days.

Choose the right brush or comb

Curly hair is often dry and brittle and can break easily when combed or brushed. Try brushing or combing curly hair in the shower to avoid breakage.

Start with a wide-tooth comb to break up any knots. You can also comb while the conditioner is still in your hair to make it easier and to ensure the conditioner coats all your strands.

When choosing a hairbrush invest in a high quality brush with natural bristles instead of plastic. A boar bristle brush can help spread natural oils from the scalp through the ends of the hair.

Another option is to not use a brush or comb at all. If you have particularly springy curls, try applying a leave-in conditioner and then raking through wet hair with your fingertips.

Avoid split ends

Split ends are hard to avoid completely. Also, there’s really no way to repair them except cutting them off.

The best way to avoid split ends is to be very gentle with your curly locks.

To prevent split ends:

  • Use a de-tangler when brushing to avoid pulling and yanking.
  • Try not to tie your hair back into tight ponytails or buns.
  • Make sure to use a wide-tooth comb.
  • Stay away from heat tools.
  • Get a trim from a Garbo’s stylist roughly every 8 weeks

Heat styling curly hair

Most stylists will recommend that you let curly hair air dry because using a blow-dryer can make it frizzy and damage it.

If you want to use a blow-dryer or straighteners every once in a while with a straightening iron, it’s important to use some sort of heat protecting spray or treatment before you do so. Look for a spray containing silicone or keratin to seal the cuticle and make it more resistant to heat damage.

You can add a diffuser attachment onto your blow-dryer to help limit how much direct heat hits your hair.

What not to do if you have curly hair

Curly hair is delicate, so avoid the following:

  • products containing sulphates, alcohol, harsh chemicals and fragrances
  • using clarifying shampoos more than once a week
  • sleeping on your back
  • using heat styling tools more than once or twice a month
  • rinsing with hot water in the shower
  • pulling your hair into a tight ponytail or bun all the time
  • fine-toothed combs
  • trying to detangle dry hair

We are coming back

Did you know that one of the only times one changes their hair style is at the end of a bad relationship.  Well I don’t know about you but the team here at Garbo’s feel that’s just what we have come out of with Covid 19.

After the first lockdown 80% of you guys opted to keep your hair long as it was one of the only times that you had had the opportunity to let your locks grow, then your second appointment after lockdown you asked the team to cut your hair back to it’s original style.

So it’s time for that restyle

It’s time to shake things up in 2021, at least when it comes to hair. We spent most of 2020 skipping trims and doing root touch-ups in the privacy of your own home, so there’s no time like the present to finally experiment with your haircut, colour, or style. The best hair looks for 2021 are all about being bold and making changes (hopefully with the help of your Garbo’s salon experts).

If last year focused on natural texture and no-fuss hairstyles, 2021 is gearing up to be all that and then some. Ringing in a new year calls for fresh starts of all kinds, making it the perfect time for new hair trends to guide us straight to the salon.

We’re taking last year’s low-maintenance styling up a notch with statement-making cuts that do all the work and call back to decades past—only the fashionable ones, of course. If you’ve been wanting to make a chop, there are shaggy layers, blunt fringe, and retro styles just waiting to be shorn. (We’re talking modern updates on vintage bobs, bangs, and long cuts, too.)

Here are the trendy haircuts you’ll be seeing everywhere this year.

Colour for 2021

2020 was the year of cutting, styling and dying our own hair at home. Basically, we all took some chances during quarantine—whether they were regrettable or not only you can say. But one thing’s for sure, now that we’ve let our adventurous side out to play, we’re stepping into 2021 with more beauty confidence and curiosity. From ruby reds to pastel pink, here are the biggest hair colour trends for the new year.


Yup, you have The Queen’s Gambit to thank for this fiery pick. “Copper Ginger is one of the most attention-grabbing colours out there.” The red shade  incorporates a mix of subtle copper, auburn and blonde highlights, and it’s shiny finish complements all skin tones, especially people with fair skin.


This low maintenance style involves minimal bleach, so it’s a great way for those with dark hair to gently lighten things up. “Bronde Foliage is the perfect way to transition out of the dark times of 2020. You’ll get a gorgeous balance of colour by pairing delicate babylights and framing the face and roots with a stronger balayage.”  This look has a universal appeal since it works for most hair colours within the range of dark black to dark blonde.”


This is not your average all-black shade. While it might sound like the easiest colour to do, there’s actually an art to getting the right amount of shine and the perfect cool tone. There are actually multiple tones involved to get the right shine and movement without looking inky and solid.


Money pieces were big this year, and the team @ Garbo’s thinks the ‘90s trend is going to spill into January and beyond. Social media platforms like TikTok have many girls doing iconic looks from the late 90s and 2000s, such as the chunky highlights. We have learned to take from the past and give it a more modern take.” How to achieve this look? Simply focus on the strands right around the face (aka your moneymakers), but be sure to add a few more light strands throughout your whole head for an updated approach.

Your hair during lockdown

If you’re reading this then you’ll probably agree that having your hair done is one of life’s essentials. Popping to your local salon to relax with a book, have a deliciously decadent head massage and be make to look fabulous is one of life’s little pleasures. Since the lockdown started and our salon closed its doors, we’ve been hearing from lots of our lovely clients who are desperate for a cut or have roots crying out for a touch up. Not being able to get to a salon is proving a hugely frustrating time for lots of you so we though we’d offer some respite with a helpful guide of how to look after your hair during lockdown!

lockdown haircut

How to cut your hair at home

Our first tip about caring for your hair whilst the salon is closed, is how to cut your hair at home. Our advice is – JUST DON’T DO IT! 

Hair cutting is a highly-honed craft and there are so many ways it can go wrong without the proper training, so the chances of a hair disaster when trying to cut it at home are high. 

Hair stylists train for years to understand the inner workings of hair and to become professionals in their field. Our highly-trained stylists have spent many years gaining the experience required to execute creative professional hair cutting and styling here in the salon. If you try to replicate this at home it’s likely you’ll end up with a wonky ‘do or something much shorter than you hoped for which will need salon assistance! Something which we sadly can’t provide right now.

Dyeing your hair at home; The Pros and Cons

Shudders… some of the most dramatic hair fails we’ve had to fix in the salon have come from home hair dye efforts. Home hair dyeing can be SCARY.  

Half-head inky black/deep orange ombre efforts, and hair snapping clean off due to the bleach being too concentrated from a cheap home bleaching kit. Hair dyeing at home is really rather risky because unless you have pure never-before-dyed hair, you don’t know what the home dye kit colour will do to the remnants of colour you already have on your hair. Hair colouring is a science and the chemistry behind it and the carefully balanced ratios of colour agents is something we take years to perfect here in the salon.

Unless you’re one of the rare exceptions, your hair will not look like the colour it tells you it will on the box and you will ruin the colour we have worked so hard to achieve here in the salon. Someone with fine hair can get a completely different result than a person with coarse hair, even is they use exactly the same box of home hair dye. 

haircut during lockdown

In a Nutshell

We know it’s hard but try not to do anything too drastic to your hair at home before we can see you again. We envisage the salon will be opening by March so we are really looking forward to getting back to (the new) normal and making you all look fabulous once more.

Why Salon Shampoos are better for your hair

You’ve just spent an afternoon at the salon, your hair is looking its finest… fresh, vibrant colour, a deep nourishing olpaplex treatment and a good cut… its looking its absolute best! Have you considered that aftercare at home is just as important to maintain it.

There are a number of ‘nasties’ that can be found in shampoos. These ingredients might be effective in cleaning the hair of dirt and oils, but can often lead to damage and scalp complaints if they are too strong.

A salon shampoo is more expensive than what you can buy in a supermarket but it is worth the investment in professional hair care. The truth is that salon shampoos really are better for the hair.

Some of the main chemicals and ingredients now being avoided in salon shampoos are:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Chloride
Polyethelene Glycol (PEG)
Mineral Oil

Many professional salon shampoos are formulated without, or with less, of these chemicals, and more of the good stuff. Salon shampoos contain a bigger proportion of high-grade ingredients that protect and nourish the hair, and less of those that strip the hair of its natural strength.

So, let’s take a look at some of those unwanted shampoo ingredients to avoid and find out exactly what they do to the hair…

Why is Silicone Shampoo Bad?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, otherwise known as SLS, is a common ingredient found in shampoos, soaps and many other cosmetic products. They are just one of many types of sulfates that are often used to produce the foam in shampoo that achieves that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling.

However, while your hair might feel fresh after a wash, it might also feel dry and brittle. This is because along with that dirt, SLS will also strip away all of the natural oils in your hair. For those with sensitive skin, this can also irritate the scalp.

A shampoo that is free from sulfates (SLS) uses a milder cleanser that isn’t as harsh, resulting in healthier hair that can retain its own protective oils.

Why Is Sodium Chloride Bad in Shampoo?

Commonly known as salt, sodium chloride is often used as a thickening ingredient in shampoos so you get a manageable texture that can easily be distributed through the hair.

However, it does have a downside. Sodium chloride attracts moisture, so it can again leave your hair feeling dry – especially if you are already experiencing dryness and need as much moisture as you can get!

What is PEG in Shampoo?

PEG – full name ‘polyethylene glycol’ – is another chemical used to improve the texture of the shampoo. Again, this can be bad for hair, as this synthetic ingredient can be very harsh on the scalp and hair, leading to dryness.

Why is Mineral Oil Bad For Your Hair?

While there are plenty of oils which are moisturising and nourishing for your hair, don’t be fooled into thinking that mineral oils is one of them.

While it does act as a lubricant that can help detangle the hair and retain moisture inside it, mineral oil is sometimes used to ‘pad out’ the oil content of other, more expensive oils. So, if your shampoo says it contains argan oil, for example, but it is listed as one of the last ingredients in the list, it is likely mineral oil has been used as a cheaper way to dilute it.

What is the Benefit of Paraben-Free Shampoo?

There has been much discussion around the use of parabens in hair and beauty products. While they have been used for many decades to preserve shampoos and prevent them from growing any unpleasant bacteria, recent studies have shown that they can cause skin irritation and even hormone imbalances.

For these reasons, many shampoo brands have chosen to go paraben-free, with plenty of consumers now preferring them.

So now you have a bit more knowledge on Shampoo ingredients, here at Garbo’s we use Sebastian Professional.

Sebastian is redefining the limits of fearless hair fashion, with versatile, groundbreaking products that revive the industry and style that now.

With innovative products, you can create superior styles and transform hair from day to night-professional to provocative, whenever you want.

And don’t be afraid to mix it up. Combine products for the most unique effects: gels and oils, creams and clays – there’s no limit to what you can create.

Modern Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair Over 50

A shaggy hairstyle for fine hair over 50 is a layered haircut with textured ends. Nothing says “youthful” better than this hairstyle’s trendy and modern vibe! Plus, its volumizing powers bring life to the hair and its wearer, making it the best option.

Aside from the convenience it offers, this cut cancels out wrinkles on your face with its soft finish.

A Shaggy style will help your haircut last longer because of the shorter layers. They work either styled or air-dried. Tousled hair is in, so the shag is a pretty fail-safe choice! It is great to wash and wear or style out, so it’s versatile for many lifestyles

A chic haircut that adds extra volume exactly where you want it? See these trendiest shaggy hairstyles for fine hair over 50!

Chin length, effortless with bangs! Lots of movement and texture to add volume to fine locks.

This stunning grey layered shaggy style, with a fringe that works well on fine hair. The ashy tone will take years off you. Its long enough that you can pull off an updo!

This sassy shorter shag style features choppy layers and a side fringe . Suits a square shaped face. One of the best hairstyles for a women in their 50s!

A few inches past the shoulders, wavy texture with lots of movement.

A shaggy hairstyle that’s easy to maintain. Styling with a textured spray and adding a few fine babylights and lowlights to add dimension.

Jane Fonda… bouncy volume, lots of short choppy layers and caramel, sandy tones to create depth and dimension.

Autumn Hair Cut Trends 2020

As the seasons change, we start to think about different skin care routines, autumn nail colours, winter wardrobes and we do the same with our hair! We look for a fresh new look… These are the biggest autumn haircuts that will dominate autumn 2020..

From side-fringes to heavier blunt bangs – autumn is fringe season and a quick way to bring a haircut bang-on-trend. The most popular fringe trend will look to 1960s stars like Brigitte Bardot, with a lightly cut, wispy fringe that won’t overwhelm any face shape

Summer will have seen a rise in grown-out bobs or lobs, but autumn will be all about the sharp, blunt bob which will hit the jawline. Shorter styles, in general, will take centre stage with precision cutting. As well as one-length blunt bobs, we will see angular and asymmetrical bobs, which gives face-framing length for rounder face shapes.”

Bold and voluminous pixie cuts will be the ultimate low maintenance cut that everyone will be asking for in the Autumn. Keep it modern with choppy layers to add volume.

Classic and face-framing for everyone, the collarbone cut is the ultimate style for those not wanting to go too short this season. The key to this cut is the simplicity. Stick with blunt ends and a few layers if you require more volume.

A face-framing fringe is the perfect transitional haircut to get you through the seasons. This cut draws attention to the eyes, opens up the cheekbones, and is perfect for growing out any DIY bangs you cut during quarantine.

How to do a Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

When your locks start looking less lustrous, you could spend a fortune on special shampoos, masks, supplements, and high-tech treatments, or you could try this simple, free, do-it-yourself solution backed by science.

How to Do Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

Hair loss is not just a guy’s problem. If you’re starting to see your strands thinning, consider trying this simple at-home strategy: scalp massage, which may promote hair growth.

A scalp massage can increase blood flow to the scalp and to the hair follicles. A study in the January 2016 issue of ePlasty shows that just four minutes of scalp massage a day increases activity among genes known to promote hair growth, and dials down the activity of genes linked to hair loss and inflammation. What’s more, study participants also noted an improvement in hair thickness. Gentle massaging of the scalp can increase blood flow to the hair follicle, the root of the hair, which is the only living part of the hair. Massaging works by dilating the very small arteries within the scalp, increasing blood flow to the hair follicle and therefore prolonging the growth cycle of hair.

Scalp massage for hair loss also reduces stress, which can worsen hair loss. Not only does the boost in blood circulation to the surface of the skin aid in delivering more nutrients, it’s also relaxing.

When to do a scalp massage?

Scalp massage for hair growth can be done while you’re shampooing in the shower or when your hair is dry pre-shampoo. You should aim for at least three minutes if you are working with both hands because that encompasses a large surface area. There’s no need to use any oil or serum, but some people like to include aromatherapy. Relaxing scents such as lavender, and invigorating scents such as eucalyptus or mint, will augment the circulatory boost.

How to do a scalp massage?

A gentle fingertip massage is a good jumping off point. That’s enough to stimulate the blood flow. If you tend to hold a lot of tension in your neck and scalp, you can increase the pressure gradually. Start from the edges of the hairline and work your way in toward the crown. You want to stimulate the lymphatic drainage as well, and that starts at the periphery. Kneading, in particular, aids with warming up the skin, which helps increase blood flow to the scalp.

10 habits for highly successful hair!

It’s usually quite easy to spot a successful woman. Her attire is perfectly pressed, nails masterfully manicured, and makeup expertly applied. She oozes self-confidence, walking with her head held high. And, upon that head, rests a mane of healthy, shiny hair. Yes, this is a woman who takes the time to care for herself from the tips of her toes to her luscious locks…

Is your hair not quite living up to your expectations? It may need a health boost. Unfortunately, when it comes to a self-care regime, we lovingly slather our bodies and faces with soothing creams and ointments, we are far less kind to our hair. Blasting it with heat, ripping apart tangles, and subjecting it to a huge array of impossible-to-pronounce chemicals. If we truly want to a mane of success, we need to learn how to get healthy hair. And this means treating our tresses.

Here are 10 habits for highly successful hair.

1. Regular Trims

Snipping your strands will help conquer your follicles’ number one enemy: split ends. After all, split ends not only make your hair look brittle and uncared for, but they also lead to breakage. Regular trims will keep your ends healthy, while giving the illusion that it is growing faster.

2. Slumber on silk

Your current cotton pillowcase is not as innocent as it appears. In fact, it wreaks havoc on your tresses every single night. New York physician, Jesleen Ahluwalia, explains that silk helps prevent tangles and breakage, enabling your hair to retain its healthy appearance and long length. Plus, nothing will make you feel more successful than a night ensconced in the luxuriousness of silk.

3. Brush brush away

If you have ever wondered how to get thick healthy hair, you must look to the Disney princess for advice. How do they achieve their thick, lustrous locks? It’s all the brushing they do. Brushing regularly will ensure that your hair’s natural oils will be more evenly distributed throughout your scalp, preventing possible damage. Lucy Flora, stylist at Frederic Fekkai in New York City, warns against using plastic brushes as they can break your hair strands. Plastic is also non-conductive, which means your hair will have much more static. A ceramic brush or boar-bristle option is preferred.

4. Show your scalp some love

It is impossible to achieve healthy hair without a healthy scalp, so it is important to use products that keep your scalp moisturized, especially if you are a fan of hats. Scalp massages are perfect for stimulating blood flow and boosting follicle health. Another option is investing in a scalp massager.

5. Take a deep breath and de-stress

Stress takes a toll on your whole body, including your hair. In fact, too much stress over a long period of time can actually make your beloved follicles start to fall out, leading to rapidly thinning hair.

6. Loosen up those tresses

When it comes to wearing your hair up, never ever use a rubber band. And clips with metal fasteners are a big no-no too. Instead, opt for a scrunchie or a material-covered band that won’t pull at your strands. Redken also recommends eschewing tight ponytails, braids, or buns as these can weaken hair. A looser updo is much more follicle-friendly.

7. Oil is your new best friend

Introducing your mane to a hair-healthy oil is great for both moisturising your follicles and your scalp. Whether you opt for an oil of the olive, coconut, argon, or almond variety, your hair will absolutely thank you. Make sure you spread it evenly throughout your locks, ensuring that the tips get their fare share. Just remember, don’t use too much or you’ll end up using a gallon of shampoo to get it out, which defeats the whole purpose.

8. You are what you eat

If you want your hair to exude good health, you need to eat the right nutrients. Protein, omega-3, and biotin are all necessary to achieve long, thick, healthy hair. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and drinking water are all important in promoting strong hair. It is also important to ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals, paying special attention to vitamins B, C, and D, zinc, and iron.

9. Hair Masks au natural

If you have ever wondered how to get hair healthy naturally without relying chemicals, you need only look to your pantry. Applying mashed bananas to your hair for about 15 minutes helps repair damaged follicles, mayonnaise can provide deep-conditioning within an hour, butter will add much needed moisture, mashed avocado can add shine, and washing your hair in beer will make locks more lustrous.

10. Keep your cool

Have you ever felt the top of your head mid blow dry session? it feels hot and frazzled. Cosmetic Chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson, recommends hitting the cold-shot button on your hair dryer to cool your hair down instantly after a blow dry session. This will not only make your head feel better, but it will prevent ongoing follicle damage.

Now that you know how to get healthy hair, it’s time to spring into action. Follow our top 10 tips and give a big hello to glorious locks that let everyone know who you really are: a highly successful woman with highly successful hair!

What to expect at your salon visit

We are so delighted to be welcoming you back to the salon! Your health and comfort is our priority, so we wanted to take a little time to explain what the salon experience will be like at your appointment and what to expect at your salon visit.

We want you to still be able to relax and enjoy your salon visit, safe in the knowledge that we have put in place the strictest health and safety measures to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

Before Arriving at the Salon

Please adhere to appointment times to reduce unsafe congestion in the salon.

We respectfully ask that you do not bring anyone else with you to your appointment, so that we are able to maintain safe numbers within the salon.

Where possible, please bring only your payment card into the salon and leave excess personal belongings at home or in your car, e.g. coat, handbag, shopping etc.

Please wear a face mask at the salon, All our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE equipment.

At the Salon

Please sanitise your hands on arrival

Clients will be welcomed straight to the salon section.

Social Distancing Rules will be upheld, as much as possible, throughout your entire salon visit.

To help limit the potential spread, communal items like magazines will no longer be available.

We are unable to offer refreshment at this stage, unless you bring your own cup.

All sections and hairdressing tools will be sterilised between every client visit.

Work stations, door handles and all surfaces in the salon are consistently wiped down and disinfected regularly throughout the day.

We hope the above makes you feel safe and secure, please do come in confidence.

Post Lockdown Transformations

We have been thrilled so see so many of you in the salon since we re-opened on the 4th July. Thankyou all for your support and understanding. We are embracing our new normal. Here are some post lockdown transformations.

How to grow healthy long hair

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a lengthy haircare routine with oils, masks and vitamins. For some women, having enviably long hair just happens, but for the rest of us, growing our hair to our shoulders is easy and then it tails off into wispy ends…

Tweaking certain aspects of our day-to-day beauty routine must be made. Whether that’s using a different hair brush, adjusting how often you use your hair dryer or straighteners. Adding a vitamin to the mix, or sleeping on a silk pillowcase. There are several easy steps that can be done to achieve long, lustrous locks.

Feed your Hair

Good hair grows out of a healthy body, so make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet with lots of protein. This will help you grow long healthy hair. Oils in avocados, eggs, nuts and seeds are great to add to your diet.

Be consistent

Keep a regular hair routine. You should be doing weekly hair masks and regularly shampooing and conditioning your hair. I don’t mean washing every day – that won’t help you grow longer hair but may dry it out. washing a couple of times a week is fine.

Lazy styling?

When it comes to styling you really want to do as little as possible. A weird fact is that sometimes air drying can be more damaging to your hair than blow drying because water also damages your hair.

So don’t leave your hair wet all day, but put down the hot tools. You don’t want to be using any straightening irons or curling wands if you want your hair to be as long as possible. If you are going to, make sure you always use a heat protection product.

Keep it natural

If you really want to grow long and healthy hair, stop lightening and colouring your hair too often. The colour process damages the cuticle which causes split ends and breakage.

Treat your scalp

We recommend regular head massages to treat your scalp and promote hair growth.

There isn’t exact science around this but it has shown that massage to the scalp will improve blood flow and this is only going to create healthier hair follicles. Your head is probably the easiest part of your body to massage yourself so it’s something you can do in the evenings or before you wash your hair.

Get frequent trims

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you want long hair that’s actually healthy, you need to get regular trims. While haircuts don’t make your hair grow any faster, they get rid of split ends that break your hair. Eliminating the breakage gives the appearance that your hair is growing faster. After all, a split end that breaks can lead to your hair losing length — not to mention shine, volume, and smoothness.

Vitamin power

If your diet isn’t supplying you with enough nutrition, a supplement could make a world of difference. Look for a multivitamin that’s formulated and labeled ‘For Hair, Skin and Nails’. “Those contain important vitamins like biotin and C and B vitamins that support hair health.” Bonus: You may also get better skin in the process!